foam pvc panels

Foam PVC panels in 5mm thickness are a cost effective alternative and ideal for a short term hoarding solution for up to 6 months. They are prone to warping due to temperature fluctuation but do offer a vast improvement to a plain hoarding. They are perfectly suited to centre-panels (rather than full-height panels) set midway between the top and the bottom of your hoarding boards, effectively halving the cost!

eco composite

An economic aluminium composite panel that is suitable for short term use on hoarding boards.

Better than foam PVC in that it lays flatter as a hoarding plus it looks more pleasing. It’s worth noting that it has a thin top coating and is only suitable for up to 6 months use outdoors.

premium hoardings

Our top quality aluminium composite panel is guaranteed against deterioration and is TOTALLY RECYCLABLE. It is suitable for use on projects between 6 months and 6 years.

At the forefront of design and manufacturing skills we are always innovative when the budget allows. We have produced prestigious BRUSHED ALUMINIUM hoardings that help sell a development in no time!